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This listing is for a Special Blessing from a Female Storm Djinn. We will conjure forth a very powerful and ancient Djinn being on your behalf and she will bestow upon you storm manipulation, lightning powers, wealth, healing, storm shield, rain manipulation, new energies, long life, beauty, love, levitation and the ability to banish negative energies, people and entities from your life.

Once the ritual is complete, then soon you will feel new lightning and storm powers and energies inside your mind, body and soul. These won't harm you, but only make you stronger. Your life will be filled with power, storm, wealth, healing and love. The storms and lightnings will never harm you in any way. They will become your friends and allies and never hit you.

This is not a direct binding service, where we will bind her to your soul and into your service.

Instead, she will only bestow the above boons upon you.

We will also give you her and list of full powers. You can meditate and chant her name and she may come to you, help you and guide you in your life. When she comes to you, rain and storms will also come with her.

We can perform as many as required from the Female Storm Djinn Blessings.

Haunted Djinn Blessing Storm Wealth Unlimited Wish Banish Negative Spirit Power

SKU: 19
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