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Enter a Dark Arts Offering, the Grave Divinity Death Goddess binding ritual from our Elite collection. Only one will be ever offered here up for sale.

She and her magic cannot be used for healing or similar white arts purpose.


This Ancient Death Goddess revealed herself to us almost 5 years ago. She appeared to us as a tall beautiful black haired woman with snakes and dead souls around her. We made a soul pact with her for 5 years, she would teach us her special grave magic and in return we offer her special offerings and spread carnage, suffering and destruction in the world.

Now, she is looking for another worthy individual to teach, guide and unleash her dark powers. We will make the pact on your behalf with her and bind her to you in a 10 days long ritual.

Once we are finished, she will first manifest to you in your dreams and you will speak with her in a lucid dream. Later, you will be able to see her in a dark energy orb and after working with her in great detail, she will manifest to you in her true form.

She will teach you how to use her dark magic and powers to cause pain, suffering, torment and gain revenge, weave the shadows and manipulate darkness to manifest your desires, gain control over deceased spirits and make them obey your wishes, drain the life from another to replenish yourself, reverse the aging process and remain youthful forever, control life and death, clearly see and hear spiritual entities and work with dead souls, astral projection, form a darkness shield around you and much more...

Her name, full powers, etc. will be revealed to the worthy Disciple.

Grave Divinity Death Goddess Direct Binding Ritual

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