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We decided to offer up a truly special gem to a worthy individual from our Coven coffers. Enter the Grand Apotheosis Soul Transformation Ritual from our elite collection. Only one will be ever offered here up for sale.


We will conjure forth a special entity on your behalf over a 10 days long ritual, who holds dominion over creation, destruction, power, spiritual essence, magic, spiritual awakening, soul transfiguration, immortality, power over white and dark powers, life, death and more...

An eternal soul bond will be formed between you and this special entity. He will implant his spiritual essence and powers into you and transfigure your mind, body and soul into an entity like himself. The process takes only 10 days and once complete, you will be completely reborn as an Immortal God or Goddess. You will have unlimited spiritual powers and be able to do anything you desire. Nothing will be able to stop you.

Your soul will radiate with pure spiritual power and act as a beacon to benefical entities. They will often visit you to help you, give you advice or guidance, etc. Humans will want to be with you, become your friends or lovers (depending on your desire), your enemies will disappear from your life or become your friends and allies. With your new powers, you can have sex, money, love, protection, good health, revenge, mind control, healing power, increased sexual prowess, astral projection, astral time travel, see and speak with all spirits, telekinesis, mind reading, conquer all your challenges, and much more...

You will be able to weave magic and pure spiritual essence with thought alone. An eternal spiritual shield will be formed around you, that will repel all kinds of negativity, hate, illness, disease, slander, bad luck, black magic attack, curse, hex, injury, etc. Nothing will be able to harm you.

The special entity will become your eternal friend and ally and never harm you in any way. He will help you to awaken your full powers and obtain ALL YOUR DESIRES. He will fully awaken your spiritual senses and you will be able to clearly see, hear and work with spiritual entities. He will offer you to visit him in his native plane and if you want to, then you will travel there via astral projection. He will show you the spiritual world where he lives and how you will be able to create your own world and become it's sole ruler.

His name, full powers, etc. will be revealed to the worthy Keeper.

Grand Apotheosis Soul Transformation Ritual

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