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Golden Laser: This pure gold energy is a great gift from the Archangels. It is connected to all chakras and it is there to transform negative energy from all the chakras. It clears and purifies them to make sure that they work properly. The motion of the energy is like a laser beam, that enables it to go into the chakra or wherever we channel it. How should you use this energy? Since it is a hands-on healing method, mentally state once “Golden Laser”, let the energy flow with an intention of cleansing and treat each chakra for 5 to 7 minutes. Start from the crown chakra and proceed down to the root chakra. The whole treatment should last about 35 to 50 minutes. Using this energy, you are going to become purified, rejuvenated, and transformed.

Silver Cross: This silver energy is made out of two rays that are forming a cross. It is connected to the third eye and works as excellent protection from negative energies. The energy “moves” in a circle and it is very beneficial for cleansing the Third Eye chakra and for seeing beyond, connecting to the spiritual world. Generally, it clears your third eye in order to see your life’s path better. It is also an excellent energy for spiritual protection. You can use this energy as a meditation, by simply letting the energy flow for 15 minutes. You can also place your hands on your third eye for 15 minutes. After that, do a grounding exercise and mentally say “Now I close my aura”.

Golden Rain: This interesting energy is the gift from Archangel Gabriel. It is connected to the crown chakra. During a healing session or an attunement, you receive it as a kind of “spiritual rain”, as if you were standing in a “rain” of abundant energy. That is how the energy “drops” on you from the Source and purifies you by clearing your aura. It is good for transformation, a better connection to God and the spiritual world. The energy can be used in a meditative state, so stay in this amazing “spiritual shower” for 30 to 40 minutes. Also, you can put hands on your crown chakra and channel the energy for as long as your intuition guides you. It is good for your aura and the places in your aura that have “holes.” It will cover and seal them. After the healing perform a  grounding exercise.

Silver Ball: This energy is the gift from the Archangel Zadkiel. It is a very thick silver energy that has a round shape. It goes from the crown chakra down to the root, through all other chakras, as if you were energetically “washed” from the inside. The usage of this energy is very simple. Mentally state “Silver Ball” and have the intention of channeling it for around a minute. Place the hands on your crown chakra and have an intention of “dropping” this little silver ball into the crown chakra. The Silver Ball will then move down the body, through each chakra, cleansing them one by one. It is enough to do this exercise for 10 to 15 minutes.

Golden Cocoon: The technique of using this energy is very unique. When you mentally state “Golden Cocoon”, the energy will flow and start its work. It works from your feet moving up to your crown chakra. The energy is going to form a golden cocoon around you in an egg-shape. It is good to lie down when you do this exercise because of the complete relaxation of your body and mind. It is both a kind of meditation technique and also a great tool for transformation and energy “filler” for the aura. It will help you to relax from all the stress, unbeneficial ties and energies we collect during the day. We can create our own sacred space when we do this exercise. When performing healing exercise with this energy, do it for half an hour. Just have the intention of letting the energy flow, lie down and relax. You might even have a feeling of an energy massage. Also, depending on the person, you might feel tickling, heat, or pleasant cool breeze. It acts as a protective shield as well.

Silver Cloak: This is a gift from the Archangel Gabriel. It is very interesting how this energy works. When you start the energy flow, by mentally stating “Silver cloak”, it will move around you like a light “curtain”. It works to protect you in a very subtle and gentle way. Use it for relaxation, protection, connection to the Divine and self-love! Just activate the energy and meditate! You can sit or lie down for 30 minutes and witness how it will change your energy field and raise your frequency!

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

Golden-Silver Attunement Package

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