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These new mesmerizing energies are suitable for opening the Third Eye, developing clairvoyance, and boosting intuition. They are abilities that are available and natural for all of us.

When we are open to higher realms, miracles in our lives happen. When we dare to see beyond and „investigate” intuitively the world around us, those miracles become an inseparable part of our life. Our everyday activities become more meaningful and we see signs on every step we make.

But we should not forget one thing: no matter how magical it can be, we should still live in the present moment and enjoy the ice cream on a bench in the park with those we love.

Goddess Eir: In Norse mythology, Eir (Old Norse “help, mercy”) is a goddess and/or valkyrie associated with medical skill. Eir is offering a wonderful loving energy, that is able to heal even very stubborn blockages. Her energy (connected to the third eye chakra) also strengthens the intuition and is good for protection.

Indigo Pen from Goddess Eir: This energy is good for opening the Third Eye chakra and clairvoyance. It is an excellent energy for memorizing dreams because we are supposed to activate it before going to sleep. It is a good idea to write down our dreams and have a diary about them because they can guide us. Dreams are also there to show us our subconsciousness, life path, and happenings in different time frames. So it is a kind of channeling diary that we are going to keep by using this energy.

Golden Feather from Goddess Eir: This energy is good for opening and cleansing our Third eye chakra. It is especially good for transforming negative influence we might have on our Third eye. “Golden Feather” is an energy that helps us discover our life mission since it works on everything that stops us to see our life path clearly. If we want to see our path clearly and what is in front of us, what might be our next step, we should just activate “Golden Feather”, let the energy flow, open up for possibilities and see how infinite this world is. We can even make notes about the ideas that come. It can be used for writing our healing diary, business plans, or healing inspiration. This energy helps us in having insights into our soul and good ideas because it opens us up for higher realms.

Indigo Flower from Goddess Eir: This energy is suitable for the Third Eye chakra. It can help us increase spiritual connections with our spirit guides, guardian Angels, Archangels, Angel realm, and the spiritual realm generally. Furthermore, it increases our connection with Goddess Eir who can help us with clairvoyance and channeling abilities.

Violet Healing Hand from Goddess Eir: This energy is especially intended for the Third Eye chakra. Not only is it great for beginners in energy work, but also for experienced healers as well. With this energy, it is easier to “read” what the problematic area of a client is. So if we want to “scan” and “read” the person’s energy field, chakras, and ethereal body, this energy can help us intuitively discover what should be treated and healed.

Goddess Eir’s Violet Waterfall: Goddess Eir’s Violet Waterfall is a cooling energy, like a breeze, that first goes to your crown chakra and continues directly to the third eye, flushing out everything that blocks you to see with your third eye. Using this energy, your third eye is going to open and you will be more able to see the spiritual world, have deeper insights, and boost your intuition! It is called “waterfall” because the energy moves on that principle, through the crown chakra and down to the third eye chakra.

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

Goddess Eir Attunement Package

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