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In this package I have packed all 14 gemstone essences audio initiations for you. These are the latest versions 2017 and for the time being the last updates of the systems of Ole Gabrielsen (according to Ole Gabrielsen).

The initiations take place by listening to the audio files (preferably with headphones) in mp3 format. Instructions are included. German scripts are included for all initiations!

Ole Gabrielsen has had positive experiences with this unusual inauguration format for many years. I personally value these audio initiations as a very nice opportunity to “refresh” an older initiation or simply to repeat a wonderful experience several times.

Note: In order to be able to resell these audio files to others, you need the resale right for audio files from Ole Gabrielsen, which I received.

These initiations can and may be passed on regularly to others as a remote initiation, depot initiation or direct initiation, but not in the form of an audio file!

Contents of the package:

  • Amethyst Essence 2017
  • Amethyst Essence Source 2017
  • Carnelian Essence 2017
  • Citrine Essence 2017
  • Clear Quartz Essence 2017
  • Emerald Essence 2017
  • Emerald Essence Source 2017
  • Jade Essence 2017
  • Red Jasper Essence 2017
  • Rhodonite Essence 2017
  • Rose Quartz 2017 Essence
  • Sodalite Essence 2017
  • Strawberry Quartz Essence 2017
  • Unakite Essence 2017

14 audio files (mp3) and scripts (pdf) for only 120.00 $ ( instead of 210.00 $ for individual purchases)

Gemstone Essences Package – Attunement

SKU: 403
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