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This offering is intended only for a Male Individual!

The Frost Queen Soul Binding ritual is from our elite collection! Only one will be ever offered here up for sale.

The Frost Queen asked us to offer her up to a worthy Master. She wants to teach you, help you in your life, give you advice or guidance, control reality and become your eternal friend, teacher and lover.

She holds dominion over frost magic, frost manipulation, cold, ice, seduction, dominance, sex, love, sexual power, healing, protection, revenge, charisma, overall good health, immunity against illnesses and diseases, astral projection and more...

She can appear as a beautiful nude woman with silver hair or as a warrior goddess in armor ready to strike down your enemies.

She is looking for a real and strong relationship with love and sex. Don't buy this ritual if you are not serious about this.

She will never harm you in any way. Your souls will be bound together and she will become your eternal partner.

She will create a spiritual shield around your mind, body and soul made of pure frost magic, that will protect you from all kinds of harm, injury, accident, bad luck, slander, illness, disease, black magic attack, curse, hex, etc. 

Her name, full powers, etc. will be provided to the worthy Master.

Frost Queen Direct Binding Ritual

SKU: 235
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