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Warning: This is a true dark arts offering. You need to be careful with these entities and respect them.


The Four Morai direct binding ritual is from our Elite collection! Only one will be ever offered here up for sale.


The Morai are Death Goddesses, who control the essence of life and death. We will bind these four entities to your soul and into your service over a 7 days long ritual.

Once the ritual is complete, they will manifest in your dreams at first, then in a fog or mirror, later as a pure orb of darkness and once you have a good relationship with them, then they will present themselves to you in their true forms.

They will teach you how to manipulate and gain control over the essence of life and death, reverse the aging process and extend your life to untold lengths, attack others with pure darkness, create a death shield around your mind, body and soul that will repel all incoming attacks back to the sender tenfold and kill others with the death essence.

Be careful with them and they will grant you immense powers.

Their names, full powers, etc. will be revealed to the worthy Keeper.

Four Morai Death Goddesses Direct Binding Ritual

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