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We wish to offer up a truly unique and very rare offering from our coffers. Enter the Fire Elf direct binding ritual.


We will perform a special ritual to bind a Fire Elf to your soul and into your service over a 3 days long period.

She is an excellent companion and guide and will gladly teach you her unique fire magic, that belongs to her race. Fire elves live in a special plane called Nimunare and she will help you to astral travel to her plane of existence and work with other fire elves, if such is your desire.

She will teach you fire magic, fire manipulation, healing using the essence of fire, special astral projection, work with other fire elves, create a fire shield around your mind, body and soul, control others, bend fate to your will, control heat and warmth and much more...

Her name, full powers, etc. will be provided to the new Keeper.

Fire Elf Direct Binding Ritual

SKU: 207
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