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Do you want to ruin someone financially?

Make her lose her job?

Cause her misfortune and bad luck?

Want to get your revenge on her and make her feel pain, fear and suffering?


The Financial Ruin curse will do all these and more. We will summon forth a shadow wraith on your behalf, that will torment your target, cause her nightmares, deplete her life, vitality and stamina. She won't be able to work properly, focus on the tasks and she will lose her job quickly.

This curse can also be used to ruin a business. Slander, theft, bad reputation and such will occur, less customers will come to the business and it will go bankrupt quickly.


We can also custom tailor this financial ruin curse fit to your needs. Contact us after purchase and we will discuss the details.

Financial Ruin Curse Spell

SKU: 182
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