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The energies in this package are excellent for issues related to children and fertility!

The package contains the following attunements:

Mother Mary: All issues related to children, fertility, compassion, giving and receiving love, mercy, kindness, gentleness, and sweetness towards self and others.

Moonstone Essence: Self-love, releases anger, helps to relax, unlocking personal potential, connect to the divine feminine power, fertility, wisdom, and love stone. When worked together with Sunstone, it creates harmony, connecting to the energy of the Moon and the Sun.

Orange Circle from Archangel Jophiel: This energy is connected to the Sacral chakra and it can help clean this chakra, open you up for abundance, grounding, creativity, and connection to Mother Earth! It also helps in solving issues with sexuality and fertility. Apply this warm “plate of abundance” that spins in the same motion as your chakra naturally does, cleanse your Sacral chakra, and receive everything that is necessary at the moment!

White Butterfly of Hera: For the protection of children, fertility, spreading joy to the world, and to awaken the inner child.

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

Fertility Attunement Package

SKU: 389
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