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his is a special ritual, because we will bind an unique Felsoul Goddess to your soul and into your service. She is extremely powerful and friendly and never harm you in any way. After working with her in great detail, she asked us to offer her up to another worthy Keeper and unleash her fel magic into the world.

She grants her Keeper long life, prosperity, fel power, fel magic, open third eye, protection against illnesses and diseases, overall good health, control over others, astral projection, prophetic dreams  and much more...

The ritual we perform will take 3 days and once finished, she will manifest to you in a special way, such as an energy orb made of red and green color, in the shape of a black haired female individual, an odd smell or voice, in a mirror, in your dreams, etc. She will offer you her eternal friendship, service and guidance. She will often visit you to converse, give you advice or guidance, reveal special words of power and teach you her unique fel magic.

Her name, full powers, etc. will be provided to the new Keeper.

Felsoul Goddess Direct Binding Ritual

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