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This course is channeled directly from Goddess Bastet (or Bast the Cat Goddess).

The energy of Feline Reiki is very caring, helping, and transforming and it will help strengthen the emotional and intuitive side of you!

The energy works extremely fast even after one session and you will feel more lightened up, brighter, and more prone to show emotions!

Cats adore this energy and it has a general calming effect on animals. That is why Feline Reiki is excellent to use for animal healing! Not only for the feline species but for any animal.

Feline Reiki has 3 levels and you will become attuned to 3 symbols:

Ankh: After you have received the attunement, you can charge physical objects and create protection amulets!

Eye of Ra: A warm, strong energy connected to the Sun that will work on your Solar plexus and boost your inner potentials and creativity!

Mau (Feline Reiki Master Symbol): This symbol connects you to the essence of the feline of the world, their race in general, and gives you deeper insights into what feline species actually represents. You will realize how powerful healers they are and how powerful healings you are going to have by using these energies! When you get the attunement, you will be fully re-attuned into the life force energy and the symbol of Mau. Mau was considered a divine cat that protected the aspect of Ra. It was the personification of the Sun God and creativity!

After completing this course, you are going to be able to pass it on to others.

The course has 3 modules and is delivered over 3 days.

This course is channeled by Marijana Gabrielsen.

All attunements are performed by Ole Gabrielsen.

Feline Reiki By Bast The Cat Goddess

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