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The Eternal Transcendence Death Gods Ritual is from our Master collection! Only one will be ever offered and cast for One Special Customer. This is a dark arts offering.


Do you crave immortality, godlike powers, power over life and death, wealth, love and sex?

Do you wish to gain power over others and fulfill ALL your desires without fail?

Do you wish to delve deeply into the occult and see, hear and work with supernatural entities?

Are you brave enough to become a Death God or Goddess and claim your destiny?

In the Eternal Transcendence Death Gods Ritual, we will summon forth over 30 Death Gods and Goddesses on your behalf and they will infuse their spiritual essence and powers into you to transfigure your mind, body and soul into a Death God or Goddess. The Death Gods and Goddesses will instantly manifest to you and pull you out of your body and into the astral plane. They will bestow upon you their ancient knowledge, wisdom, diabolic power, infernal frenzy and turn you into an instant powerhouse; one who is able to do anything he/she desires.

The One, who purchases this world-breaking ritual will truly become an unstoppable being in the Cosmos and gain Eternal, Omnipotent, Forbidden Powers. The Death Gods and Goddesses will be your eternal allies, and they will always help you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. These ancient divinities hold dominion over life, death, wealth, immortality, mind control, blood magic, necromancy, protection, alchemy, vampiric powers, divination, scrying, love, sex, creation, destruction, fire, air, water, earth and the new Death God or Goddess will be able to control all these powers easily and swiftly.


The Death Gods and Goddess wish to bestow their dark gift upon you and welcome you into their fold.

Do you wish to become a Death God or Goddess and fulfill ALL YOUR DESIRES?  Do you seek limitless power and wisdom?

The Death Gods and Goddess call to YOU! Are you ready to answer their call?

Eternal Transcendence Death Gods Ritual

SKU: 258
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