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The Eternal Transcendence Angel Soul Fusion Ritual is from our Master collection! Only one will be ever sold here to the Chosen One. This is our ultimate white arts offering!



Do you believe in angels?

Do you wish to work with angels and fulfill your desires?

Would you like to become an Immortal Angel and live in the Heavens?

Are you ready to perfect the magical arts, obtain ancient knowledge and powers, reach Apotheosis and Immortality?


We will summon forth over 10 Million Angelic beings on your behalf and the Archangels, angels, cherubs, seraphims and other spiritual entities from Heaven will channel their divine spiritual essence and power to transfigure your mind, body and soul into an Immortal Angel. This is a very powerful soul alchemy ritual and the result will be instant transfiguration. Your mind, body and soul will become truly divine and nothing will be able to stop you or destroy you.

You will have a direct spiritual soul link to all the Angelic beings, who granted you their divine gift and they will be your eternal allies. They will often visit you, converse, offer their wisdom and aid to you and fulfill your desires.

The divine essence within your being will forever radiate with light, peace, calmness and everyone will want to help you and become friends with you. NOTHING will be able to cause you harm, because you will have an eternal divine spirit shield around you, that will ward off all negative forces, bad luck, magickal attacks, curses, etc.

The angels will give you the keys to channel your magickal powers into your spells and rituals, see, hear and communicate with all spiritual entities, absorb all kinds of energies to empower your soul, soul travel and the powers of creation.

As an Immortal Angel, you will have secret esoteric knowledge, Akashis powers and wisdom, eternal spirit vision.  The 10 Million Angelic beings will gift you with an eternal, omnipotent spiritual teacher, who will be your eternal ally and teach you to utilize your powers to maximum effect. Your spiritual teacher can help you in every case, give you excellent advice and guidance and teach you soul alchemy. He will bestow upon you the Mantle of Undying, Gift of Material Abundance and the Wisdom of Eternity.



Are you ready to become an Immortal Angel and claim your destiny? The 10 Million Angelic beings wish to bestow their divine gifts upon the Chosen One.

Do you feel and hear their call?

Eternal Transcendence Angel Soul Fusion Ritual

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