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Due to popular demand, we decided to create this special custom spell for our customers. We can cast as many as required from these spells!


Enter our hyper powerful Eternal Chakra Awakening Spell.


Do you wish to clearly see, hear and work with spiritual entities?

Would you like to successfully astral project?

Want to see the future?


The Eternal Chakra Awakening Spell can help you with all these and more! This spell takes 3 days to cast and once complete, it will eternally awaken all your chakras, remove chakra blockades and let the psychic powers and energies flow through your body with without error.

The immortal spirits we conjure forth during this spell will imbue into you a part of their eternal, omnipotent spiritual essence, powers and energies. The power of your mind will increase steadily, your third eye will awaken quickly and easily and soon, you will be able to easily see, hear and work with spiritual entities.

All you need is to enter a deep meditation state, ask the spirits to come and visit you and you will soon feel their presence with you. We will give you the names of the three immortal spirits, that we conjured forth with this spell. They will be the first to come and visit you. They will introduce themselves to you and offer you their eternal services to help you on your spiritual path. Introduce yourself to them, communicate with them about the subjects you desire and then ask them to return back to their place.

With your increased spiritual powers and the help of the three immortal spirits, you will be able to easily astral project and visit the astral realms. They will help you to pull you out of your body and into the astral plane. They will also go with you, help you and protect you during these astral journeys.

Soon, you will have visions about the future, become clairvoyant and have prophetic dreams. You will be able to see the future with crystal balls, perform perfect tarot readings and obtain a "sixth sense" to feel if something bad is about to happen.

This is a perfect offering for both new and advanced pracititioners, who wish to advance in their eternal craft.


We decided to offer this spell on such a low price to help as many would be sorcerers and witches as possible.

Eternal Chakra Awakening Spell

SKU: 191
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