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Energy Bomb Empowerment


Founder: Radha Sundari

Levels 1

You’ll receive 1 distant attunement and 1 emailed pdf manual

You will also get three mp3s of cheat codes entries:

1. Magical cheat code for Cleansing the chakras, the energy body, increasing human energy

2. Magical cheat code for increasing energy and physical strength

3. Magic cheat code Raising internal energy. Removes any energetic influence of evil

You will be able to initiate others

You will receive a certificate at your request

Ongoing support is available via email


About this system:

Do you always have big weekend plans and a to-do list for the week?
I wish I could still eat right, start running, read 10 books, learn English, find time for family or dates. But instead – laziness, no energy, not today, later… I’d rather watch a soap opera.

It is no secret that man is not only a material body, but also the sum of energies, many of which have long been known to scientists: electrical radiation of the brain, neutrons, and neutrinos of which atoms are composed, and, of course, bioenergy or bioplasm.

People are always exchanging energy, even when they sleep or are silent. We subconsciously feel the interaction of our energy field with another’s and – we react by changing either our mood or our physical state. If you are easy and pleasant to the other person, if you have something to talk about, then the energy exchange is excellent, you “feed” each other, and both of you benefit from that.
But if you feel irritation, sudden loss of energy, anxiety, or even sudden pain, it means that there is an energy eater next to you.
Bioenergy is necessary for everyone, like blood and lymph. But sometimes it is catastrophically lacking. There can be several reasons for this lack. It could be a serious illness, old age, or severe fatigue.
But nothing wears people down like negative emotions: irritation, anger, greed, anger, guilt, jealousy. They are the ones that create “holes” in our energy field, and it is through them that power “leaks out.”
And having lost a lot of their energy, people inevitably start looking for ways to replenish it.

Calm, joyful people’s biofield is balanced and resembles a golden egg – it’s hard to make a hole in such a “shell”.

Energy is attractive.
In essence, attractiveness and energy are synonymous words. Energy is always visible to those who lack it. It is as visible as a lamp in the night, attracting more and more gnats. Energy cannot be hidden, nor can its lack be hidden inside you. Everything in attractiveness is relative: appearance, beauty, wit… But the energy in it is absolute. If you have it, they’ll think you’re beautiful, at least charming as hell, smart, and resourceful. If you don’t have it, they’ll want to avoid you. That’s how we’re all built, we’re attracted to those we can recharge from, and repulsed by anyone who wants to get energy at our expense, whatever it takes. Where do we get our energy if not from others?
God has it all. It is in the present. It’s in the inexhaustible here and now. It’s in being fully present to you. It’s in unconditional acceptance of everything as it is. The math here is quite simple: everything you accept gives you energy, everything you don’t accept takes it away. And that’s how much it takes not to accept everything, to be exhausted to the bottom?


And this Empowerment will help you:

Improve all areas of both spiritual and material life

Your energy levels and with regular use, become a more active person and get more done

Help you replenish your energy at moments of extreme fatigue

Strengthen your astral and physical body

Strengthen your health

Maintain a young and vigorous look

Increase your success with the opposite sex

Increase zest for life

Assist in cleansing your chakras and energy body

Increase your energy and physical strength

Enhance Attractiveness, charisma and Sexual Power

It is possible to improve vision and hearing, as well as enhance all sensory perceptions

And much More!


What is Cheat Code?

A cheat code or mantra is a specific set of syllables that connects our metaphysical consciousness with the metaphysical world. No need to think about where they come from, why they are. Our task is simply to read them.

If you try to formulate a simple answer to the question “what do Cheat codes do?”, Then this answer will be: “relax, calm and transform.” At the moment of reading Cheat codes, the brain involuntarily concentrates only on the reproduction of these sounds. So, all extraneous thoughts, worries, worries leave the head, only these sounds remain.

Cheat code differs from mantras only in that it can actually be read, not chanted.

And you can not worry about stretching the syllables, but just read, this does not diminish its effect.

CHEAT KOD is an analog of a short “prayer” in the ancient Sanskrit language. This is what triggers special energies when pronouncing the combination of these words and letters!

Due to the open-ended nature of the energies provided in this empowerment, there is potential for new functions to reveal themselves to you that are specific to you and your needs.

Energy Bomb Empowerment

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