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We live in a wonderful world, full of love, joy, and happiness. However, as human beings, we might encounter negativity from the spiritual realm. That is not a sign to be worried. We only need to educate ourselves, prepare for that, accept it, and in the end get rid of it. Love is always stronger than negativity. These energies help us have powerful shields against negativity. Although we have these tools, we should know that prayer, honest life, and a good heart is the best protection.

The combined benefits from the energies in this package:

• Protective energies
• Neutralizes negativity
• Energy Cleansing
• Cuts unbeneficial ties
• We can energize water and create a powerful “cleansing elixir”
• No pre-requisites
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers

Archangel Michael’s Breeze: This energy is good for releasing and protecting from any kind of negativity. The interesting thing about this energy is that it does not make a cocoon or cut off the threads, but it blends with our aura as a precautious energy. The sparkles of this energy blend with an aura and it makes us resistant to negative energies. It shields by sending negativity to the light. Negativity comes to us and it automatically goes to the light as if the Archangel Michael sent it. We can do this every day if we feel it is necessary. We can perform this energy on others as well.

Archangel Michael’s Shield: This energy is connected to the Hearth chakra and it serves us against negativity. It protects the heart chakra and stops any negativity to come into our hearts. Also, when we apply this energy to our heart chakra, if we have some negativity, it is going to be exposed. It is our task to send it to the light, as explained in the manual. It is possible for any of us to encounter some negativity. We are human beings, we all sometimes have something negative connected to our aura or some negative thought-form.

Archangel Michael’s Spring: This is the energy that we mainly energize water with. One glass per day is enough to cleanse our body, organism, and Solar plexus. We can attune any source of water in our home into “Archangel Michael’s Spring”. Water has a good memory. Also, water from a tap is not always the cleanest water, and when we buy spring water, it went through many people’s hands. If we want to neutralize those thought forms, we attune water and drink it. But most importantly, we can “program” water to be our healing tool. We can make healing water for other people and attune them into the energy of “Archangel Michael’s Spring” so they can do the same. It is even good to wash our face with that water. It is good for having a relaxing bath with this water in combination with a pinch of Himalayan salt. It is further good for attuning taps.

Jophiel’s Flower of Wisdom: It is called a flower, but it is not a physical flower, but an ethereal one consisting of all colors of the spectrum. It is also called wisdom because it gives us knowledge about why we attract negativity. It can happen to anyone if there is a pattern in them that can attract negativity. We should ask ourselves a question: “Why am I dealing with this?” When we have the knowledge, we can work on that. We can work on that by changing some patterns in our lifestyle. We can work on that by praying more. When we know what patterns of behavior we attract, what type of people, and their behavior we attract, it is much easier to work on that. No one says we should dismiss anyone if we have a challenging relationship, but we should work on that so it changes for the better. So we could call this a meditative technique with getting knowledge. A winning combination is to get rid of negativity AND to know where it comes from. We all know that knowledge is power. So when we have that we have the answer and we can work on that.

Gabriel’s Wings of Freedom: It is a very peaceful, soothing, gentle, mother-like, and love-like energy that is there to shield us and to show us that the best protection is love. When we are full of love, joy, and peace for everyone, we are going to be untouchable for negativity. “Gabriel’s Wings of Freedom” is a shield that is non-invasive, full of joy, wisdom, and beauty. There is no special prayer with this energy because this energy teaches us that every prayer that comes from the heart is heard. When we pray for protection, personal virtues, and love, God and angels will hear and guide us.

Blue Robe from Archangel Michael: It is the energy that shields us from negativity for 7 days! It is a very strong energy, yet soothing and non-invasive. “Blue Robe” is a potent energy against energy attacks. It makes us “invisible” for negativity for 7 days. We can also use the “Robe” for others too. You can place and activate it on your house as well, children, pets and it is going to build a protective shield around them.

Archangel Michael’s Rain of Cleansing: This is the energy for every-day-use that we can use before sleep after a hard-working day. We travel, we spend time in a car, in traffic, in public transportation, we go to work, school and we unconsciously might collect different energies. It does not necessarily need to be negative energies. This energy is not meant for severe energy attacks, but from the energy that does not belong to us. As human beings, we are occasionally prone to take other people’s suffering “on our backs”, but it is not helpful for both parties. So that is the energy that can help clean us every day, like an energy shower. After a real shower and a nice cup of tea, in peace, enjoy this energy. It is going to cleanse us and bring our peace back.

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

Energies Against Negativity

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