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Aten, Atum, Bennu, Horus, Khepri, Montu, Osiris, Ra, Hathor


This is my ultimate solar power, essence and shield ritual, where I evoke and invoke the above mentioned Egyptian Gods and Goddesses in a 15 days long ritual. I will also perform avatar rituals with the and once they possessed me, then I will channel their solar magick, powers, energies and spiritual essence into a Sun Disk for you.

Once I finished the ritual, then the Sun Disk will radiate with divine spiritual essence, solar magick and powers and immortality. The end result is a true masterpiece.

The first time you wear it, it’s powers and energies will create a perfect bond between you and these Egyptian Solar Gods and Goddesses. Your soul will radiate with the powers of the Sun and they will bestow upon you wealth, solar magick and powers, dominance, protection, overcoming obstacles, increased sexual powers, success, the power to astral project easily, eternal youth and immortality.

They will help you to master solar magick and powers, how to channel it into your spells and rituals to fulfill your desires. They will become your eternal teachers and allies along your path and you can always turn to them for advice, help or in your times of need.

They will create a special solar magick shield around your mind, body and soul, that will protect you from all kinds of harm.

I will also send you with this Sun Disk nine candles, nine mineral stones, two egyptian oils, two solar elixirs, a bag of special egyptian spiritual herbs and a wooden charging box.

Egyptian Gods And Goddesses Ultimate Solar Power, Essence And Shield Ritual

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