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Earth Soul Healing opens, clears and stimulates the root chakra, allowing cleansing “Light” energy to remove all low, discordant vibration energies so that one’s physical vehicle is able to vibrate at a much higher frequency.  It is an excellent energy for grounding and assisting in feeling comfortable in the environment, and is helpful for people who feel that the earth is not their natural home.  These energies attune to higher wisdom and karmic purpose.

This system helps to explore past lives that were not on earth and in recognizing people from past lives and the place they hold in the present.  It explains why you chose to come to earth, the lessons you are learning the task you have to do, and the gifts you bring to advance the evolution of humanity.

Earth Soul Healing reduces jet lag, helps one to adjust to a different culture, is useful for making short term compromises and adjustments to situations to which inner resistance is strong, promotes decision making, stimulates growth, teaches how to be flexible and take responsibility.  It also relieves tension and anxiety, showing how to adapt to necessary change, instills the ability to be tactful in any situation and helps promote extroversion rather than withdrawal.  It enhances communication, making correspondence easy and lends the ability to listen attentively.

Earth Soul Healing used as a holistic healing energy can provide vitality and energy especially where an illness has persisted for some time.  It aligns the nervous system, treating involuntary movements and strengthening the muscles and bones.  It overcomes insomnia and nightmares, and is beneficial for Parkinson’s and Tourette’s Syndrome. 

The manual discusses the Cosmic Healing Bank, Grounding After A Session and incudes Earth Soul Meditation.


Founder: Hari Andri Winarso

Earth Soul Healing

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