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After the attunement you will be able to channel the fallowing energy and use it anytime you want:

Your DNA contains the master plan of Divine proficiencies for your life and your purpose on Earth.
With DNA Karma Clearing Activations, you are assisted to realize your highest potential as a divine being, aligning yourself with all dimensions of the universe, with deeper levels of understanding.
Clearing Karma from the DNA of Present and Past Life is a transformational energy that releases those components of your DNA that have become trapped and unshakable. With use, this energy helps to eradicate harmful DNA energies and any genetic DNA projects that obscure your life, physically manifested through your inherited bloodline both in the past and now.
This energy helps to increasingly leave the wheel of samsara (samsara is the continuous cycle of reincarnation in the lower dimensions, it is the accumulation of karma, when all karma is released we are released from that cycle and we can begin to incarnate in the higher dimensions).

This system has three activations
Cleaning the Karma of DNA from the past life
Clearing Karma from the DNA of Present Life
The cleaning and intention of the DNA that gives health (this modifies and activates the DNA so that the body becomes healthy)

Includes a manual and a certificate!

DNA Karma Clearing Initiation Attunement

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