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Due to popular demand regarding spiritual protection from our procurers, we decided to offer you this special ritual. Enter the Direct Binding Three Spiritual Protectors ritual. We can create as many as required from these rituals!


We will bind a spiritual Scorpion, Manticore and Demon to your soul and into your service. Their only power and ability is regarding protection. They can create strong spiritual shields and barriers around your mind, body and soul, your loved ones or around your possessions.

Anyone intending to harm you will be repelled with a splitting headache. They can help you to avoid bullies and the annoying neighbours. People or animals, who wish you ill will or bad luck won't be able to find you or hurt you.

The cops, police and government will not be able to mess with you or your business anymore.

These spiritual protectors are also good against black magic attacks, curses and hexes. They can even protect you from negative spiritual entities and energies.

If your boss, supervisor, co-worker or subordinate is trying to harass you or get rid of you, then they can cause fear in them and make them leave you alone.

If an annoying ex-lover or nemesis of yours is trying to hurt you, your reputation, financial security or something else, then they can cause him/her horrible nightmares, fatigue, bad luck, loneliness and fear. These will DEFINITELY make his/her life miserable and unable to hurt you anymore.


The scorpion, manticore and demon work on the spiritual planes and make your enemies and other people unable to harm you, your loved ones and possessions. These are not for revenge or to kill your enemies.

In case they succeed to harm you while they are working to protect you, then these three will cause some kind of injury or harm to the person to get EVEN. For example: high fever, loss of a job, misfortune or nightmares.


Their names and other necessary information will be given to the buyer.

Direct Binding Three Spiritual Protectors Spell

SKU: 187
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