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This is a demonic and dark arts offering! Absolutely cannot be used for healing, peace, mercy or similar things.


Do you want to have sex with someone, but the person is not interested in you?

Want to get laid and fulfill your carnal desires?

Then the Demonic Love Bomb Ritual is for you!

We will summon forth Lilith and her legions of succubi on your behalf and have them go to your target, torment them day and night until he/she submits to you, comes to you and want to have sex with you. NOTHING can fight them off! Once they start their eternal work, then the target will think about you non-stop, want to be with you and contact you soon...

We can offer as many as required from these Demonic Love Bomb Rituals!

You can also use it for simple mind control to make the target obey your commands - without love and sex.

As an added bonus, it will grant you extra attraction, seduction, domination and authority powers and energies, so that it will be much easier to seduce and control others to fulfill your selfish desires.

This ritual contains Hyper Demonic Power! It comes with infinite results and once it starts working in your life, then you can rest assured, that Lilith and her legions of succubi are working on your behalf to bring you sexual fulfillment.

Demonic Love Bomb Ritual

SKU: 219
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