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This is a truly rare and special offering from our dark arts collection! Only one will be ever offered here up for sale. Cannot be used for healing or similar benefical purpose.


We will perform the binding of a Witch from the 17th century to your soul and into your service over a 5 days long ritual. After the ritual is finished, she will first manifest to you in your dreams, then in a mirror and later in her true form.

She is looking for a new student and teach you the secrets of her eternal craft. She will teach you how to work with animal spirits, read auras, astral project, cast curses and hexes, use love charms to bind others to your will, create spiritual wards and barriers, work with herbs and create elixirs, and much more...

She prefers to appear in the form of an old crone. She will never harm you in any way.

Her name, full powers, etc. will be provided to the worthy Keeper.

Dark Witch Direct Binding Ritual

SKU: 217
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