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Cosmic Stargate is a High Energy Activation in the Frequency of New Age 999.
This attunement has been upgraded from the original version.

The sacred lotus flower – the flower of life is opening to create a portal to the cosmic consciousness.

A sacred geometric pattern will be formed in your energy field consisting of the highest frequency, which is available to the people at present time. Therefore it is of great importance that you have the highest frequency of Peace and unconditional love in yourself.

You are a divine person on Earth. You will live your truth with the highest integrity. You will speak your truth and live it. Taking the sacred flower of life in the field of your spherical body means to live in the ethical purity and integrity.

This high energy empowerment will help you to return to a state of grace, love, and harmony and connect with your holy heart’s energy and ground yourself on all levels.

The flower of life will open to create a portal to the cosmic consciousness, and activate your original, perfect presentation of your DNA.

Your male and female energy is balanced and your Light bodies are fully activated. Your pineal body is also activated and the transformation process begins to bring it in its crystalline form of energy, so that it can receive and pass the pure divine light.

The light codings of the Holy Grail Activate the power within your physical body, so you can carry the golden light of Christ’s Being. They connect you with your Divinity and the divine, cosmic consciousness and the Matrix creation of the cosmos. Your cosmic star gate will be activated in your energy field of your soul’s star. So therefore when the day comes, you are ready to ascend together with Lady Gaia in to the 5th Level of Light.

Archangel Metatron will activate this attunement for you as he brings you into the dimension of reality.


Founder: Lady Solina (Gaby Solina Grill-Mitterhofer)

Cosmic Stargate

SKU: 509
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