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If you enjoy exploring your inner being, you know how important is to relax and let yourself see „beyond”. Energetic protection also matters a lot.

These energies are going to help you dive deep during your unique journey towards yourself. The time has never been better for exploring the spiritual world than now.

The package contains:

Blue Cocoon from Archangel Michael: The Blue Cocoon from Archangel Michael works on the aura. When you activate the energy, it creates a cocoon around your aura that protects you from negative influence, entities, thought forms, negative implants, and anything that is unbeneficial for you! You can activate The Blue Cocoon from Archangel Michael when you start and finish the day. You can combine the cocoon activation with other energy techniques, such as Reiki. You will most likely have the feeling that you are more protected than usual. To use, simply activate it and stay in a meditative state for around 10 minutes while it forms a cocoon around you. Also after finishing any healing session, you can activate the cocoon by mentally stating once: “Blue Cocoon from Archangel Michael”. The receiver might feel tickling or some heat around the body, or a breeze, depending on how the energy is felt.

Purple Gold: Purple Gold is a natural mixture of the golden and purple rays. It is a powerful combination that is great to use for opening the Third Eye chakra! Purple Gold transforms negative energy in the Third Eye chakra in order to be able to “see more clearly.” The function of the Purple Ray is to fill up the third eye with new energy! You can activate the energy and use hands-on healing for 5 to 15 minutes. The energy will work in a way that is best suitable for you, to help activate and open the third eye. It will help to clear, recharge, and enhance it!

White Waterfall from Archangel Gabriel: White Waterfall from Archangel Gabriel is a very thick, powerful and shimmering white essence that helps you cleanse your crown chakra to aid clairvoyant abilities. It can help you to cleanse yourself to be better in receiving information from the divine. Furthermore, it helps you to be able to distinguish right from wrong. It is perfect for cleansing and opening the crown chakra. So when your crown chakra is open, you will be able to receive information more clearly. You can use the energy as hands-on healing or as a meditation for around 15 minutes.

Nature Essence from Lady Nada: Nature Essence from Lady Nada connects us to Mother Earth. This energy is intended for visualization and meditation, in order to help activate and open your third eye chakra! The energy is suitable both for beginners and more experienced energy workers. To use, simply activate the energy with your intention. The energy is intended to help you see yourself better, to understand situations or other people better. It is going to help you heal what is needed, such as a relationship or parts of yourself. Also, if you are prone to “see” using your third eye, it will give you an even clearer picture. On the other hand, if you are not the visual type, it is going to give you deeper insights and “work” on your third eye. Perform a grounding exercise after using this energy.

Golden Star Essence from Solar Angels: The Golden Star Essence from Solar Angels is meant to be used for the hand chakras. The energy is a very transformative and potent! It works in a way that a golden “energy star” in each palm is spinning around while transforming negative energy into positive! It is recommended that you use it on each of the chakras, either on yourself or on others.
You can further perform a cleansing, clearing, and closing of the aura with your hands, also on yourself or on others. It can be either a stand-alone system or you can use it after any healing session as a self-healing or for working on others. You activate the energy by putting the palms together and mentally stating once “Golden Star“.

Onyx Essence: Onyx Essence is excellent to use for protection! It transforms negative energy and promotes stamina, vigor, and physical strength!

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

Clairvoyance And Protection Package

SKU: 360
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