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The Celestial Serenity Encoding is a simple but powerful ‘spiritual tool’. During the attunement an ethereal diamond is imprinted into your energy field, at the level of your Earth Star Chakra. This center is about 6 inches below the soles of your feet. It is your connection with the Earth and it is at this level that the nurturing and grounding energies of the Earth are drawn into your energy field. If the flow from this chakra is impeded or neglected we may feel disconnected from the Earth, ourselves and our emotions.

The diamond is very strong and a potent healing stone that has ‘full spectrum’ that can be used to channel Universal Life Force Energy. It vibrates at a very high rate and so attracts the highest spiritual energy frequencies. It has been programmed with a specific energy ‘message’ by the Celestial Light Beings known as the Pleaidians. They are highly evolved spiritual beings that work with us on our ascension journey, providing us with support and furnishing us with tools to assist and accelerate our spiritual evolution.

The as you work with the energy of this attunement you will find that effects of the activation vary depending on your situation at the time. For example if you are having trouble sleeping Celestial Serenity Encoding may clear your mind so that your body can relax, and or if you are feeling mentally and emotionally fraught the activation can bring peace of mind, relaxation, and restore your natural clarity.

Your attunement allows you to share the energy with others both in person and at a distance.


Founder: Anna May

Celestial Serenity Encoding

SKU: 481
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