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Founder: Rev Anna May

Levels: 1

Included is 19 page course pdf manual sent electronically and 1 distant energy attunements

You will be able to initiate others

You will receive a certificate at your request

On-going support is available via email


Celestial Encoding places powerful encoded Ethereal Crystal which, when activated, can facilitate an aura of abundance that draws positive vibrations to manifest more fully in your life.


About this system:

This encoding may be used in combination with other vibrational healing modalities. It may also be used on a regular basis to enhance abundance in all areas of your life including financial, love, health, happiness and peace. During the Celestial Abundance Encoding, an ethereal crystal is imprinted into the energy field of the recipient. The Ethereal Citrine that is imprinted into your energy field has been programmed with a specific energy ‘message’ that comes to us through Celestial Light Beings. The particular tribe through which this wonderful energy frequency was received are the Pleiadians. These highly evolved spiritual beings work with us on our ascension journey; they provide support and furnish us with tools to assist and accelerate our spiritual evolution.

Celestial Abundance Encoding

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