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Breast Care Attunement

Founder Jalu Wasonoadi

Levels 1

Below is a description of this energy from the manual:

Breast Care Attunement is a warm and gently energy system to presenting a healthy state especially at breast region. It maintains our hormonal and gland system which is responsibility to present a healthy and balance condition. It is also increasing our passion, sexuality, fertility, regeneration, procreation and love. Instead of sexual exploration, breast in many ancient culture are worshiped as a religious essence and an ancestral veneration as a fertility symbol and of well-being.

It also represents ideal motherhood symbol and a confirmation of female Divine status as rules. It is flowing the substance of life into our body of well-being as it can thought as a milk that poured out from the breast of Universe. This is the fundamental growth and development of well-being.

This system is beautifully prevent us from disease that may occur because unbalance state within our energetic body. It help much to cleanse and re-balance our energetic system from negativity of modern life. It helpful to decreases the breast cancer possibility and gives a wonderful treatment to breast ailment. It is a wonderfully energetic system especially for women to presenting wealth and health.

You will reeive 1 distant atutnement and 1 emailed English translation of manual by pdf.

Breast Care Attunement

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