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The Blue Star, the brightest star in our solar system is also known as Sirius, or The Great Central Sun.  It is the source of life, light and love coming to earth, nurturing all of her inhabitants.  The Lemurians, the star people of Sirius brought this blue light to earth when they came here to live in peace, harmony, love and oneness.  Lemuria exists under the earth in another dimension not visible to us.  At this time of the shift in consciousness on our planet, the Lemurian vibrations are rising once again.  The Lemurians are here not to teach us how to heal ourselves, others and the earth, sharing with us their wisdom, love, purity, peace, harmony and light.


There are 4 levels in the Blue Star Lemurian Healing Empowerment System:


Level 1 – Blue Star Lemuriuan Initiation:  this level connects your crown chakra to the creative source, the Great Central Sun.  You will be able to co-create peace, harmony, love and light for yourself, others and our planet.  The blue light clears your mind and third eye, helping you to remember your divine soul purpose.  The Blue Light color is for healing and purification, clearing and clarity, and connects you to the solar power of creation.


Level 2 – Blue Diamond Lemurian Initiation:  this level connects you to the Blue Diamond of Lemuria, to Lemuria, and the four directs of earth:  North, East, South and West, bringing the consciousness of love, harmony, peace and light.  A Blue Diamond is set in your heart chakra to clear your emotions and your DNA, and to activate your divine DNA blueprint.  This raises your spiritual growth and speeds your path of ascension, and raises your abilities to heal yourself others and the planet.


Level 3 – Blue Whale Lemurian Initiation:  this assists you further in clearing your energy fields and emotional body to awaken your cellular memory of your divinity, and helps with manifesting your desires.  The Whales help to clear and cleanse your heart chakra, removing blocks and negative energies.  The whales are the keepers of the sacred knowledge of activating the grid of energies that bring oneness.  When the time is ready for ascension, the Whales will give you the key to activate the energies, connecting back to Gaya.   This level includes the Blue Whale Lemurian Meditation.


Level 4 – Master Level – Blue Crystal Lemurian Initiation:  this level raises your vibration and consciousness, and enhances your intuition.  All knowledge of the past and future is stored within the Blue Lemurian Crystal.  Your cellular memory will be activated to remember your divinity and your soul purpose.  It activates and enhances your crystalline body, restoring your divine blueprint back to origin.  The Lemurians will assist you in remembering and giving you information you need in remembering your divine plan.


Founder:  Ofira Levi 

Blue Star Lemurian Healing Empowerment System

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