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Blue Ray Lemurian Healing connects you to the Blue Ray of Creation and your Divine Plan.  Its purpose is for deep clearing and purification of the heart and all emotional issues.  It removes all negativity and blocks in your energy field and works on all of your chakras.  After the clearing process the Blue Ray Lemurian of Creation penetrates the layers that cover your soul and infuses you with magnified amounts of energy healing, love and Blue Light, helping you to remember your Divine Purpose, assisting both you and Gaia.  It can assist in healing soul memories, past life issues and restoring your Divine blueprint, helping you to align with your highest potential, assisting you in ascension, and manifesting your deepest desires.  When you activate this system by visualization and intention it will work to dissolve any blocks in your energy fields, clearing you deeply.  You can ask the Lemurians for assistance with specific issues.  It can be used both for yourself and others.


Founder:  Ofira Levi

Blue Ray Lemurian Healing

SKU: 477
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