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This is a black arts offering! Absolutely cannot be used for healing, peace, mercy and similar purpose.


Do you wish to cause harm to your enemies?


Did someone hurt you, your friends or your loved ones?

Then this Dark Ritual can help you. Enter the Black Serpent Curse Ritual. We can perform as many as required from these rituals!

We will conjure forth a Demonic Black Serpent over a three-day period on your behalf and unleash him, his legions of lesser black serpents, demonic fiends, dead souls, shadow demons, avatars of pain and other dark beings on your chosen victim to cause him/her harm, illness, disease, weakness, physical pain, nightmares, suffering, misfortune, pneumonia, accident, loss of self-esteem and confidence, fear, financial ruin or other things that you desire to happen to the target.

The name of the Demonic Black Serpent is Sogdrammor. Sogdrammor is a powerful and ancient dark entity. He enjoys spreading carnage, pain, destruction, devastation and death on both mortal and divine beings.

Once he is given his task, he works endlessly and without rest to complete the order given to him. He never returns without a successful hunt. Sogdrammor is an excellent demonic ally to have on your side, who delivers quick and excellent results.

What do you want to happen to your enemy? We can customize this service for you.

No physical product is sent to you. This is a ritual, that we perform on your behalf to cause harm to the victim.

Black Serpent Curse Spell

SKU: 199
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