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Beautiful Calm Energy is excellent for meditation, heightening your journey, taking you to the higher realms, making spiritual connections and supporting your spiritual growth.

It has a sweet calming energy that helps stress and tension, depression and anxiety, creating a peaceful and harmonious space for healing.  The energy moves through your entire body, healing anywhere in your aura that needs help and activating all chakras.

Included in this system:

Beautiful Calm Energy Meditation:  Helps you to connect to the energy and ground with Mother Gaia.

Physical Calm Procedure:  Allows you to maintain your physical health in perfect condition, increases cell regeneration rapidly and allows your muscles and nerves to relax.

Mental and Emotional Calm Procedure:  Helps you to create a new way of being you, allowing the mind to release old fears while consciously constructing new beliefs.

Connect With The Harmonious Energy:  Brings your body into is original state of harmony, washing any unharmonious energy from your body.

Mindful Breathing:  Helps you to notice and sit with what is happening in the present without labeling or judging it, over-identifying with it, or becoming overwhelmed by it.

Sit Spot:  A place where you can sit quietly outdoors, focusing your attention on what is around you.  This helps you to ground, slow down, and reconnect with nature and yourself.

Mindful Eating:  Helps you to use eating as a grounding strategy instead of consuming food mindlessly through binge eating or eating when you are sad, upset, angry, frustrated, bored or feeling empty and needing to fill the void somehow.

Other Grounding Techniques

This system can be used for your self and others, both in person and at a distance.


Founder:  Maha Kamaleksana

Beautiful Calm Energy

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