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Seraphis Bay, also called The Egyptian is a Member of the Great White Brotherhood, the Chohan of the 4th Ray, The White Ray of Purity, Discipline and ascension and the connection between the pure divine plan and matter.

Message from Seraphis Bay:  “The dimensions are shifting more and more, the ascension of planet Earth in the 5th Level of the Light Is imminent.  Therefore, it is of such great importance for the human race to increase and align their frequencies.  I invite you now to travel with me to ATLANTIS, a journey into reality.  There you will, if you are willing, in a large ceremony, drink from the holy chalice, the Crystal Elexier of Reality.  The Crystal Elexier of Reality is from the highest levels of light.  It allows you to wake up from the sleep of duality and to know the one truth of light.  So it is.”

This is a highly energetic Activation in alpha crystal frequency:  MAGNETIC.


Prerequisite:  your anchoring in Ascendency Energy 999.

Founder: Gaby Solina Grill-Mitterhofer

Atlantis Crystal Elexier

SKU: 475
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