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Crystals were the heart and the soul of Atlantis.  The Atlantians had a large crystal with unbelievable power.  It held their entire knowledge and wisdom of mankind’s history.  Its light column was the so-called ladder from the Earth to the sky.  When Atlantis sunk, the knowledge was transferred to the crystals and their meaning lost.

The destruction of this Master crystal has effects into our current time.  The Atlantian Karma is stored in our human souls and can be transformed only if the soul remembers its divine nature.  The Atlantian angels want to support us in our efforts to find the way back home again.  They want to bring their full love to us to help us ascend.  Four of these angels are Kyanite Angels and four are Larimar Angels.  They can help you on your spiritual journey of transformation.

The Atlantian Angels will bring light and love and a smile into your heart.  They will dry your tears and laugh with you.  They will comfort you and let your light shine again.

This system includes one symbol and an Atlantian Crystal Angel Meditation that helps you to get in touch with your Atlantian Core of consciousness.

Atlantian Crystal Angels

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