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Including 10 Attunements + Bonus Energy Workshop!

You do not need to know anything about astrology and planets to use this healing system.
Simply refer to the cheat sheet and use the energy/energies connected to the issue of concern!

If you know astrology, you can use the knowledge of the birth chart, to “cancel out” many negative aspects in the chart. Also you can further enhance the positive aspects!

Here’s a list with the planets corresponding to the parts of the body:
MARS (Aries) = Head, face, skull, tendons, muscles, sense of taste, male sex organs other than the testicles.
VENUS (Taurus, Libra) = Neck, vertebra in neck, throat, tonsils, vocal cords, thymus gland, kidneys, lower jaw, female sex organs and the testicles in men.
MERCURY (Gemini, Virgo) = Lungs, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, brain, thyroid gland, central nervous system, mouth, tongue, sense of sight.
MOON (Cancer) = Stomach, digestion, breasts, menstruation, fluids, cerebellum, the body itself, gall, liver, the lower ganglia, lymphatic system.
SUN (Leo) = Heart, anterior pituitary gland, pancreas, sides and upper portions of back, the heart, arteries, spinal cord, vital force.
JUPITER (Sagittarius) = Liver, intestines, weight balance, hip joints, external genitalia, sciatic, thighs, blood, arteries and veins.
SATURN (Capricorn) = Skeletal system, bones, Joints and tendons, skin, hair, teeth, knees, spleen, hearing.
URANUS (Aquarius) = Calves, ankles, circulation, distribution of bodily fluids, intuitive intellect.
NEPTUNE (Pisces) = Feet, toes, lymphatic system, endocrine system, the pineal gland, psychic faculties.
PLUTO (Scorpio) = Sex organs, elimination, the pancreas and enzymes, bladder.

I also include the above list as a cheat sheet in the course.
The course has 3 modules and is delivered over 3 days, with about 24 hours in between each module.
Bonus Workshop: I have included a bonus workshop within the Astro Healing System called Celestial Reiki, including 1 attunement!

Astro Healing System Attunement Package

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