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The Asmodeus Soul Fusion Ritual is extremely powerful and offered here as a one-of-a-kind offering from our elite collection!


Do you feel the call to Asmodeus?

Do you wish to work with him?

Do you crave extreme wealth, material abundance, sex, lust and power?

Are you ready to become a demon and fulfill your desires?


Asmodeus is a Prince of Hell, commands 72 legions of demons and holds dominion over lust, love, sex, greed, money, wealth and power.

This is a 7 days long ritual performed by our Coven. We will summon forth Asmodeus on your behalf and he will infuse his spiritual essence and powers into you and empower your mind, body and soul and transfigure you into a demon. You will gain a portion of his powers and you will be able to fulfill your wishes with your new demonic powers.

Once Asmodeus transfigured you into a demon, then the possibilities are limitless. The Prince of Hell will also grant his new Disciple some of his servitor demons and they will be under your disposal and serve you and obey your every commands.

With their help and your demonic powers, you can fulfill ALL YOUR DESIRES!

Whatever it may be... Love, sex, wealth, power, revenge, protection, wisdom, knowledge, healing, astral projection and much more...

Asmodeus Soul Fusion Ritual

SKU: 231
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