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Ascendancy energy 999


Founder: Ellen Dana’s Stamer, Du

Levels 1

You’ll receive 1 distant attunement and 1 emailed pdf manual

You will be able to initiate others

You will receive a certificate at your request

Ongoing support is available via email


About this system:

Ascendancy Energy 999 is the vibration of 999.  If you are ready for this vibration and ready for the increase, you will be in the high vibration of 999.
Earth has begun to merge with the galaxy.  This energy also affects our light body as it merges with solar light.

Mother Earth and we humans are moving now into the NEW ENERGY.

The energy of the vibration of 999, will guide you and help you more and more and to identify your very own beautiful light and to feel and express it.

Old patterns and structures are breaking up. Transmutations and transformations abound. Many are aware of this energy and others are finding it unconsciously.

Many people wake up from their old lives and feel this deeply in their hearts that something great is happening. Your divinity wants to fully awaken.  You are filling your being with the energies of the new era.

Stretch yourself in and through all your 4 bodies, and awaken your own personal path, stronger and more stable. Your 4 bodies are Astral Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, and Spiritual Body.

By raising your vibration to the natural oscillation frequency of 999, you are at the same time filling your chakras of the modern age, with the energy of the new era.

Eranus chakra

The Eranus chakra sits in your mind about 3 cm below your skull bones. This chakra, when activated and filled with the energy of modern times, can significantly contribute to your health and help you to live a longer life, and it modifies your cells for longevity and helps remove fears.

Moreover, it is the harmonious rhythm of energy in the universe and the earth.

People, whose Eranus chakra is activated, are in complete balance and harmony in the swinging rhythm of the universe and the earth. You are full of self-confidence and strength when this chakra is activated. People whose Eranus chakra is not enabled, suffer most under fears of any kind, in particular, these people fear death.

Luina chakra

The Luina chakra sits in the middle of your brain, along a power strip that is between your ears, just above the ridge of the brow. If your Luina chakra is activated, it leads to deep spirituality. You recognize the meditative state in the larger context, and you manage it very easily so that you can center, and the center of your I AM is found. People, whose Luina chakra is not activated, are usually very restless and can find it difficult to center. You set yourself limits and do not recognize the greatness of the Source.

A large energy shift is taking place. More and more people begin to understand that they are more than just a body that is in duality.

Ascendancy energy 999: High vibration energy of 999, Awaken your Divinity fully

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