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Channeled message from Archangel Nathaniel: “Healers should be free. Free minded and free-spirited. They should be the voice and the hands. They should show people freedom, liberation through self-healing so that people know that everyone is capable of healing themselves! Not only the “chosen ones.” Everyone has access to healing potential. It is a new era, and there are a lot of new healers on Earth, and we are there to help!

You should ask for guidance. Be open to anything we offer, because we do deeply love you!

I showed up because you were in need of me, my guidance and my protection. I will help guide you on your spiritual journey and teach you how to heal.

You do not need to be a professional healer to be able to feel your inner self, your physical body or to spot your emotional and mental bodies. You can be anyone and still have the ability to listen to what your inner self has to say to you.

Just be open, and we will help! Our energy is powerful and it can heal on very deep levels IF you are open to that healing. This is not a dogma, this is not religion. This is freedom!”

Archangel Nathaniel. Means “Gift of God”. Life purpose, manifestation, and transformation.

Ethereal Crystals from Sirius. They look like Moonstone, and they are very soft. You can use their energy to program water. They can energize the physical body and heal the ethereal body.

White light from Sirius. It beams its light into the third eye, cleansing it from anything negative. You do not need to use hands-on healing, you mentally say “white light from Sirius,” and it starts beaming its light.

Silver Flower. To use where you have pain or any sore spot in your body. Silver Flower is intended to nourish and to recreate new cells in the area that is damaged or painful.

Silver Bell. It helps you to manage your time and the time changes experienced on Earth. When you have something to finish, some tasks to perform, you mentally activate this energy, and it will work in your favor. It seems to be able to fasten or slow down time. It works for the individual, but not on a global scale. You can program your time with this energy to help better organize your life. It will help you to use your time most efficiently.

White Triangle. (Energy tool). It’s to be used for energizing water, crystals, minerals, or anything that needs to be energized with life force energy. You can make the energy tool for yourself and then charge it with the attuned energy of the White Triangle. Items are placed on the triangle for a minimum of 5-10 minutes.

6 Attunements, including manual and a beautiful certificate!

Archangel Nathaniel’s 5 Gifts From Sirius

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