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Archangel Michael’s White Lightning is a white, very strong, potent and fast-working energy that works in the motion of a lightening.

It help cleanses all the hidden blocks you might have, for example, fear of a situation or fear of something that might be hidden from childhood or a previous incarnation.

The energy is excellent to use when we encounter any difficult situation, problem or obstacle. It helps strengthens us in a way that we do not fear anything. We stay brave and strong in front of any evil or obstacle in front of us.

If you feel fear, activate the energy and see how it transforms the fear into bravery and courage, all the way to a point where you can say: “I am not afraid!”

You can work with the energy once a day or whenever you feel the need for it.

When working with this energy you will experience how it transmutes anything that is negative. It simply vaporizes. What arises after that, are all the positive sides you have.

You further become aware of the presence of Archangel Michael’s help and strength. In a way, that it makes an even stronger connection with Archangel Michael than ever before.

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!

Archangel Michael’s Lightning

SKU: 342
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