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Archangel Gabriel means „the strength of God”. He is an Archangel messenger of God. His duty is to reveal to people messages from God. Both Muslims and Christians believe that he was the Archangel who prophesied the birth of Jesus Christ and John the Baptist. He was the one to announce to Mother Mary that she was going to give birth to Jesus Christ. Furthermore, he is the one who communicates with God’s messengers, as he did to Adam, Moses, and Muhammad by conveying him the Quran.
It is good to connect to him because he is the one who gives us strength, helps us in pure communication with the spiritual world, and helps us to trust God. His white light cures and purifies us. Like all the Archangels and Angels, he is full of love for the whole world and more than eager to help humanity when we pray to him and ask for guidance.

This package contains the following attunement:

White Ring of Archangel Gabriel: White Ring of Archangel Gabriel is a “round-shaped white ray” that is excellent to use for cleansing the aura and the ethereal body! It cleanses even on the cellular level, especially from negative entities, negative thought forms and anything that is unbeneficial for us. To use, just mentally state “White Ring of Archangel Gabriel” and the energy will start the cleansing procedure immediately! Let the energy flow for 15 to 30 minutes. You can start or finish any session with this energy. After using this energy, you might feel that you become “lighter” and more connected to the divine!

Orb of Archangel Gabriel: The Orb of Archangel Gabriel works mainly in our aura, by creating a white energy sphere around us as a protection field. It further activates the “fairy dust” in us! With this energy in our aura, it helps us to feel and become more creative and confident in showing ourselves to the world in a better way than we usually do. It can help make our dreams come true and to fulfill our unfinished tasks, as it helps to push us in the right direction! After activating this energy, you can be creative, be in a business meeting, or simply be creative and self-confident in your own personal space.

Archangel Gabriel’s Wings: White, bright color with silver reflections. They provide protection to your etheric body. After using this energy, you will most likely feel it as a “spiritual hug”!

Silver Cloak from Archangel Gabriel: This is a gift from the Archangel Gabriel. It is very interesting how this energy works. When you start the energy flow, by mentally stating “Silver cloak”, it will move around you like a light “curtain”. It works to protect you in a very subtle and gentle way. Use it for relaxation, protection, connection to the Divine and self-love!

White Cocoon from Archangel Gabriel: White Cocoon from Archangel Gabriel will create an energetic protective cocoon around the aura! It is especially good for energy workers, Reiki healers, people who do massage, group meditations, or any spiritual work. It is beneficial to help create your own “personal space” of protection. You can use it after a healing session with another person and it will help cut the “ethereal threads”. To use the energy, visualize that you are in a white cocoon, activate the energy and have the intention of disconnecting from other people’s energies and problems.

Archangel Gabriel’s White Energy: Archangel Gabriel’s White Energy is a thick, white ray of energy for protection and purification! It acts like a laser beam that clears and purifies any space, the ethereal and physical body, the chakras and anything else that needs purification. It further acts as a protection shield! You can activate Archangel Gabriel’s White Energy and use it as any other energy, for example as hands-on or as a meditation.

Golden Rain from Archangel Gabriel: This interesting energy is the gift from Archangel Gabriel. It is connected to the crown chakra. During a healing session or an attunement, you receive it as a kind of “spiritual rain”, as if you were standing in a “rain” of abundant energy. That is how the energy “drops” on you from the Source and purifies you by clearing your aura. It is good for transformation, a better connection to God and the spiritual world. The energy can be used in a meditative state, so stay in this amazing “spiritual shower” for 30 to 40 minutes. Also, you can put hands on your crown chakra and channel the energy for as long as your intuition guides you. It is good for your aura and the places in your aura that have “holes.” It will cover and seal them. After the healing, ground and continue the day.

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

Archangel Gabriel’s Gifts 2 – Protection And Cleansing

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