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Aradia Queen of the Witches empowerment

Founder: Maria Joao Sereno

Levels 1

You will receive 1 distant chi ball attunement and 1 emailed pdf manual

Maria Joao Sereno writes about her system:

Aradia (Herodias) is one of the most important characters of Stregheria (Italian Metaphysical Craft, called the Holy Strega, She was born on August 11, 1313 AD in Volterra, Tuscany, northern Italy.

Aradia is a symbol for the witches today. Through her teachings we transform ourselves and come together to heaven, earth, moon and universe.

The traditions and folklore say that Aradia was sent to Earth by her mother Diana, the Great Goddess of the Witches and fairies, so she could teach Witchcraft to humanity and bring t the revival of ancient pagan religion.

Aradia is considered a feminine “Avatar”, a goddess who came to Earth to bring freedom to the oppressed classes by the clergy and nobility.

Her energy assists with:

  • Protection of witches, Increase the power of spells;
  • Tuning with the lunar energies;
  • Tuning with the energies of nature;
  • Clarity forecasts (tarot, Tarot, runes …) Determination;
  • Self-esteem;
  • Wit;
  • Courage Sense of justice;
  • Femininity;
  • Beauty;
  • Courtesy;
  • Attracting success in matters of the heart; Bless and consecrate;
  • Talk to spirits and calling spirits; Know the hidden things;
  • Knowing the Voice of the Wind;
  • Having knowledge of the transformation;
  • Know the Secret Signs;
  • To cure illness;
  • To have influence over the wild beasts;

Aradia Queen Of The Witches Empowerment

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