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Angels of Shamanism Connection Maintenance Attunement connects you with the energies, guidance, protection, spiritual empowerment and healing of the angelic realms who specifically assist shamans and shamanic practice.

Through the attunement you will learn profound lessons as you move forward on your spiritual and shamanic path. These insights may lead to moments of enlightenment as the angels of shamanism offer support where required. You may find that meditation, shamanic journeys and trance feel more comfortable to achieve or a more profound state is gained, helping you to be more aware of and access different dimensions as you move between worlds.

The Angels of Shamanism attunement assists with healing of self and others, the Earth, animals and plants. It strengthens your connections with nature and may also help with ancestral healing, clearing and connections. They may help with stress reduction. This system also offers energetic protection when you need safe passage, both in the physical and spiritual worlds.

Working with these energies may connect you with new guides or strengthen your relationship with existing spiritual and shamanic guides. You may find it easier to perceive spiritual messages.

The Angels of Shamanism are very supportive in challenging times as well as through good times in celebration and ceremony. You may develop a deeper selfless compassion for others as you embrace your spiritual calling.

The energies of this system may be used in your everyday healing routine of added to any other type of energy work, meditation or before going to sleep. They only connect with energies of light upon your consent, and allows for your potential to come forward.


Founder: Craig Maclennan

Angels of Shamanism Connection Maintenance

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