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Channeled message: “Rejuvenation is a process that depends on the individual and how much he/she allows the cells to rejuvenate. It’s about how much you allow yourself to rejuvenate your “temple”!
You came with a temple to house the soul on this earthly plane. That’s your body. You have to respect that. You have to be clear-minded.
You know the 3 concepts: Your mind, your body, and your soul. That trinity has to work!

You have to have a clear mind always, no matter how much your channel or work. You have to stay aware of everything. That’s why you have your mind. It’s not there without a reason.

The soul, its the connection to God. You cannot be without a soul here.
And your body as a protector of everything. You eat, you sleep, you pray with your hands, you make love, you hug each other. You need your temple! Everything has to function. And the rejuvenation depends on the function ability of everything that goes into that one unity called a human being.
So anyone can rejuvenate! IF he allows that AND if he understands what rejuvenation is. It’s not to put fillers and botox in your body. You CAN do that. It’s allowed. But I say rejuvenation comes from within!”


This system contains 4 attunements:

Shield of Immortality – Shields you from human mortality consciousness. The shield can be “programmed” into a crystal.

It further helps us to gain knowledge about what it means spiritually when your soul ascends from the physical place.
You have to know about the concept of “death” before you know what immortality really means.
To be an immortal does not mean that you live for 5000 years on Earth. But you need to know what it means to be an “infinite being”!

Elixir of Divine Love – pure divine love is very rejuvenating and life-promoting!

Channeled message: “It’s about the love for God, but also for everything and anyone else, because you cannot separate! Everything is one! Nothing is really separate, as we are all connected.
How you stay forever young, youthful, healthy and pure is all about your connection to God!
You are always connected, but you can “detach”. That is the thing. Don’t detach!
So it’s up to you and pure free will. Always stay connected and heal through God. This attunement is helping you to give you an awareness of how pure love is able to heal! Actually that is the essence of all healing techniques! Love!”

Rejuvenation Flame from the Sun – vitality and life force.

As you know, the Sun is the source of life on Earth. This energy reminds us of the connection between the Sun and Mother Earth. The Rejuvenation Flame from the Sun is a pure elixir that is extremely transformative, as it consists of full-spectrum light!

Flower of Eternity – Blueprint of the soul, manifested into the physical realm. The Flower of Eternity reconnects us to the aspect of the soul that has to do with the rejuvenation of the physical body!

This energy help shedding us from any non-constructive energy layers that disconnect us to the soul, and thereby the healing and rejuvenation of the physical body. Rejuvenates on the cellular level.


Founded by Ole Gabrielsen

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!

Angels Of Rejuvenation Attunement Package

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