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It is recommended that you have knowledge and experience working with Angelic Energy, the Akashic Records, Shamanic Journeying, or have good visualization skills and a sincere desire to work with the energies of this system.

The Angelic Team we will be working with are assigned to work with the Oversoul created by our family units. The help by restoring harmony, balance, love and respect to all families. The angels work on an individual level with each family member and also with the family dynamic as a whole. This can be your immediate family: parents, siblings, partners, etc., as well as friends or colleagues you share a deep soul connection with.

When life is running smoothly we all interconnect beautifully and loving and supporting one another, assisting in each other’s spiritual growth. But when human emotions and circumstances are involved Soul family arguments may feel very hurtful and be a struggle to heal and overcome.

If you have become estranged or disconnected from your family, are tired of constant tension, disagreements and misunderstandings, or just feel that you have drifted apart this system may be of great help to you. it works with your Whole Family Oversoul, strengthening the bond even with those who have passed over, possibly giving you gifts and abilities to tap into and further develop.

The Angelic Family Dynamic Oversoul Healing System works with children of all ages, from infants to adults. Sometimes we feel that we have become stuck in a particular area of a relationship with another, cannot seem to move past it and may have spent many lifetimes trying to. This system will help to reconnect all of those involved, bringing new energy and inspiration from all of your Higher Self aspects opening new ways of resolving issues and bringing peace and harmony.

A specific team of angels helps us with the energy so that we are never alone. All we need to do is ask for guidance.

Archangel Chamuel helps us to find inner peace and our connection to the Divine, smoothes the way for all kinds of relationships and helps us to right wrongs in harmony with the greater good of all concerned. He inspires us to express our inner gifts of unconditional love, forgiveness, tolerance and understanding. He also brings strength, persistence confidence and courage.

You may choose to program a Rose Quartz crystal with the energy of Angelic Family Dynamic Oversoul Healing either to use during your attunement or you may infuse it with the energy to use later.


Founder: Raine Hilton

Angelic Family Dynamic Oversoul Healing System

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