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The Ancient Whales have come at this time to assist Gaia. They offer you a clearing of your auric fields, assisting you in feeling their specific vibration.

This is a simple system. Simplicity is a key to the way of life of the Ancient Whales. They are energetically linked to the Pleiades. They are ascending as Gaia ascends. They call to you to partner with them, making their love vibration an open gate for those that are ready. Their true mission is to recreate a world of love and purity.

In the beginning, the Ancient Whales came here before humans, called in to the blue planet and populating to assist the greater plan. They are very advanced and intelligent creatures. Whales exist as a conduit of love and light. We emit sounds to communicate with each other and energy clear the oceans.

Whale songs emit a distinct vibrational frequency that assists you in opening your heart chakra as well as your high heart chakra (thymus), to help you access deep wisdom. The energy activates and awakens gifts that have been dormant so that you can access higher realms, where whales also inhabit. When your high heart chakra is open you may experience more synchronicities and have an inner urge to align with your purpose and true destiny.


Ancient Whale Empowerment can:
Connect and activate your intuition
Awaken your inspiration
Expand your spiritual awareness
Help you to let go of heavy dense energy
Lighten up
Create a sense of peace and tranquility
Improve memory and ability to concentrate
Purify your aura
Strengthen your connection with the Divine
Lead you to discover your inner truth
Empower you to make important life choices
Inspire softness, gentleness and allowance
Encourage you to create a balanced life
Open your creativity
Increase your psychic senses
Aid you in tapping into inner wisdom
Bring you spiritual depth
Inspire you from within

This beautiful and extensive manual also provides you with a lovely meditation to connect with the Ancient Whales.


Founder: Lourdes Maria

Ancient Whale Empowerment

SKU: 468
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