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This offering is intended only for a female Keeper. This is a white arts offering. Cannot be used to harm, mind control, evil or similar malevolent purpose.

We will summon forth an Ancient Water Goddess on your behalf over a 6 days long ritual and bind her to your soul and into your service.

She holds dominion over water magic, water manipulation, ancient powers, universal wisdom, secret knowledge, astral projection, vitality, healing overall good health, resistance to illnesses and diseases, protection, clairvoyance, clairaudience, long life, rejuvenation, beauty, reverse aging process, seduction, love, cleansing and more...

She will never harm you in any way. She is a very friendly and benevolent entity and is very easy to work with. We can recommend her to both new and experienced spirit keepers.

She is looking for a new female Disciple to teach you her unique water magic, bestow upon you her spiritual blessings and help you to fulfill your desires.

She will fill your mind, body and soul with her spiritual essence and powers. Your soul will radiate with divine light and pure power. Your vitality and life essence levels will increase and you will feel much stronger than usual.

Treat her with respect and she will become your eternal friend, ally, companion and teacher.

She will create a special shield around your mind, body and soul made of her pure water magic, that will block all kinds of negativity, harm, injury, illness, disease, slander, bad luck, black magic attack, curse, hex, etc.

Her name, full powers, etc. will be revealed to the new Keeper.

Ancient Water Goddess Direct Binding Ritual

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