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Connecting to Mother Earth is crucial now, as well as taking care of our well being, especially spiritually.

Diving deep into these energies we help ourselves purify our world, take a step further on our spiritual path, and gain higher knowledge.

This package contains the following attunements:

Blue Cloud from Archangel Michael: This is a very subtle, gentle, and protective energy, not connected to a particular chakra. It cleanses our aura from negativity, gives strength to our ethereal body, and we gain personal insights by using it. It also has a cooling effect on the skin. This energy can help to “detect” any kind of negativity in our body as well. While cleansing we might feel “tickling” when we apply this energy.

Sachiel’s Sense of Wisdom: This energy is connected to the Third eye chakra and it is there to help us open it. It spins in the same motion as the chakras, so basically it represents a little “vortex” that activates the Third eye. Using this energy we are going to have more insights, see “beyond” clearly, sense the right information from the angel realm, and spiritual guides. We are also going to dive deeper into our own concept of spirituality. It is good for treating headaches and energy blockages in the area of the Third eye chakra in a gentle way.

Green Leaf of Nature from Mother Earth: This energy is connected to the Heart chakra. It is emerald green ray and it is there to help connect us to nature, especially to “untouched” green areas, woods, and beings that live there. “Green Leaf of Nature” is especially good and interesting for people who live in big cities and do not have the opportunity to ground in a natural environment. Also, it develops our connection to nature and nature spirits as well. Be open for freshness and a huge amount of love for Mother Earth. Whenever we feel like going to nature and we do not have the opportunity, we can use this energy to feel the wisdom and inspiration from Mother Earth. It is good for adjusting to the frequency of the abundance of Mother Earth.

Light-Turquoise Spring from Archangel Chamuel: This energy is very beneficial for our skin. It is the biggest organ in our body and deserves special care. If we have any issues with it, such as inflammation or allergy, we can apply this energy as an addition to medical treatment. When we apply this energy, we might feel breeze all around our body while the energy is cleansing our skin from everything that we collected during the day. In the evening, when we go to bed, we can cleanse any negative experience or thought-forms of that day we might have collected. It is the energy for “fresh memories”! It cleanses us for a new day and prepares us for new opportunities.

Master Kuthumi’s Blessing: This energy is closely connected to Reiki and Reiki teachers! It is both for traditional Reiki and other Reiki modalities. Not only is it beneficial for Reiki teachers, but also for people who feel inspired to go on the path of Usui, Kundalini, and other Reiki styles. It represents a great spiritual help on our Reiki path, for getting inspiration and self-confidence in getting insights and trust in our intuition and inner feeling. For example, if you are a Reiki teacher, you can connect to this energy and get insights into what is the best for a student, or if we are students it can clear up the path in choosing the perfect timing when to start our spiritual journey and which teacher to choose.

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

Amazing August Attunement Package

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