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Our universe is full of abundance. It is waiting to pour on us! All we need to do is feel that we deserve it and it will land straight into our hands! If we plan to be rich, we should not be disturbed by negativity around us. We should dream, be persistent, and trust! Grab what you already deserve. These energies are there to help us in that process so dive deep into them and let your dreams come true!

The combined benefits from the energies in this package:

• Abundance
• Money Saving
• Blessings
• Manifestation
• Luck
• Finding dream job
• Positive programming
• Energy Cleansing
• No pre-requisites
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers

Abundantia’s Treasure Box: It is the energy that is suitable to help you save money. You can as well have a treasure box that is intended for savings where you place the money. Using this energy, you send the intention to multiple the money you already have. Not for rainy days, but for joy. When you save, you shouldn’t save for rainy days. Many people save money because they were taught that something bad can happen and that is the reason to save money. Relax and save with another intention. Say: “Oh, if I have savings, I can buy this and that, I can travel, I can go to the seaside, I can party, I can donate and help…” That should be the approach when you save money. Also, whenever you have spare money, no matter how much it is, place it into the treasure box and you will get surprised!

Abundantia’s Noble Virtues: It is the energy for blessing the money and cleansing it from everything that might be negative, such as programs: “I am poor, there is not enough money, poverty is everywhere, only one percent of humanity is rich, etc…” It is especially good to use this energy on money that you want to donate and help people who are less fortunate. They need good vibration. Also, when you get money, cleanse it with this energy so you do not carry previous energy with any programs on poverty.

Abundantia’s White Circle: It is a meditative technique that you use to enhance your income. This energy is to be used as a special manifestation technique where you imagine good things happening to you, such as getting all you need. Because you deserve all the good things this Universe has to offer to all of us. It is called “White Circle” because you will use it as a visualization method while performing the exercise further explained in the manual. All in all, you first need to feel that you have the abundance so the abundance knocks on your door.

Abundantia’s Clover: This is the energy for “luck” with money, prosperity, abundance, and charity. Do not be surprised when you start using this energy that you get some unexpected money. It can be an unexpected client, unexpected money on your account, a present from a cousin, etc. It is a meditative technique and also the energy you infuse your wallet with.

Abundantia’s Cloud of Wisdom: It is the energy that is meditative and relaxing. Although meditation is usually a state without thoughts, during this, let an idea come to you. What is that idea? The idea of what to do in life in order to have a good income. It is intended for all people who struggle with questions such as: “Am I going to have enough money? Do I like my current job? Should I change the job? Etc.” It is good for everyone at a “crossroads” in life. This energy is motivational for people to be inspired to get in touch with their personal virtues. Also, it is going to help them expose those virtues to the world in order to be themselves and happily accomplish their life purpose. It is wonderful to be yourself and at the same time earn money. There is a proverb: “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”.

Abundantia’s Ruby Gold Ring: It is the energy that connects us to the programs (either positive or negative) about the abundance we inherited from our ancestors. There will be an example of how to simply heal negative programs in the manual. Also, it promotes and attracts abundance because of its red color. Gold is a symbol of abundance and transformation as well. Metaphorically, you are transforming into a person who has a life full of abundance if you already do not have one. If you do, you are just going to attract more abundance. Furthermore, you can even have a physical ring like this and charge it with the energy.

Include manuals and beautiful certificates!

Abundantia's Newest Energies

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