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by Ole Gabrielson

We all care about how we live in this world. Wealth and health are two things we worry about most of the time!

But what if we could relax and find the way to receive everything we need and deserve?

The very first step is to accept that we are not here to suffer, but to enjoy and experience life. There are unique ways to see that wealth and wealth should flow continuously in our lives.

Abundantia, the goddess of wealth, is more than willing to help us in this process if we open up to it.

This package contains:


Ascended Master Abundantia: Abundantia means “abundant wealth”. Abundantia is the Roman goddess of prosperity, abundance, success and happiness. The goddess Abundantia is very wise in financial matters and can offer advice and assistance in gaining abundance and financial investment! She is also a guardian of wealth and can help protect our valuables.

Abundantia’s wealth Energy: Rechanneled message of Abundantia: “The color of this energy is red (a red beam) and is connected to the first chakra. It will help you to connect with the frequency of abundance that already exists for you in this area! So this energy connects you to something that is already yours but that you don’t currently have. It brings your vibration to the level of abundance that you deserve, that you need and that you already have in your “perfect reality”! ”

Abundantia’s Arrow: Abundantia’s Arrow is a red colored, very strong and powerful energy from the Ascended Master Abundantia! It is called an arrow because of its movement. The energy of Abundantia’s arrow is connected to the material and earthly world. It is ideal for grounding and especially for goal setting! You can also use the energy to grant a wish and put the energy of Abundantia’s arrow into that wish! It is used not only for money and wealth, but also for abundance in the outside world in general!

Abundantia’s red flower: Abundantia’s red flower is associated with the first chakra. It is a strong red colored energy and it is only for abundance! Not only in the material world, but also in all aspects of life, including spiritually. Abundantia’s red flower is called flower because with this energy we will metaphorically bloom!

White Rose of Abundantia: Message from Abundantia: “Prosperity lies in peace. Let the flower of peace grow within you and your abundance will flourish. Peace is what is necessary for the world. ”


5 attunements (Chi-Ball), manual (pdf), teacher line: Ole Gabrielson, Susanne Funke

Abundantia Prosperity Package

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